Brenda is very personable and knowledgeable of her craft. She was very conscientious of my desires and went above and beyond my expectations. She thinks outside of the box and came up with creative solutions to get the colors I was going for. She made incredibly unique composite flowers for the bridesmaids. All of the flowers were incredible!

– Sara L.

I wasn't sure what I wanted for floral arrangements for my daughter's wedding. But Brenda has a knack for asking the right questions that helped us narrow our focus. Her ideas were perfect because she understood what we wanted. It wasn't about her - it was about finding out about our likes and our tastes. She was so easy to talk to and had photos to show me since I know NOTHING about flowers! Best of all, her enthusiasm was contagious. I started out with a minimum amount of flowers and once I saw her suggestions, I had to add more. On the wedding day, she made sure everything was perfect - which was a blessing for a mother of the bride. Brenda is a delight to work with and I would hire her again in a flash!

– Gayle W.

Brenda was so easy to work with and she had great ideas for the flower bouquets. They were beautiful and I felt we got a lot of beautiful flowers and centerpieces for the money. I used her for both of my daughter's weddings. They were completely different and both absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend using Brenda for any special occasion.

– Chris

Brenda did a wonderful job with all of our wedding flowers including bouquets & boutineers, church decorations, and reception table decorations. The flowers chosen were just beautiful and vibrant in color. She used a lot of different flowers/textures that made the arrangements just beautiful. Many of our guests commented on how stunning the flowers were. We had discussed what flowers we wanted and didn't want as well as the colors we wanted, and then left it up to her to use her professional expertise to put together arrangements that would complement everything. We couldn't have asked for anything better. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Jane

Brenda was wonderful! If there is anyone out there that would only trust a few with your firstborn and looking...she is it! Our daughter's wedding was beautiful thanks to Brenda, Brenda did our flowers and decor this was our third wedding and not our first born...she made it special for all of us. Like we told Brenda she felt like family with the way she cared about our needs and concerns and when it came to the wire to discuss a few last minute adjustments we trusted her opinion to make the best choice for us as she seemed to know and understand us well. Thanks Brenda we loved you the minute we meet you. Very professional and like a close friend for years...SHE IS YOUR RIGHT HAND GAL FOR ANY OCCASION! It truly was "As You Wish." Thanks again Brenda, Best to your future success, Char.

– Char Cooklin

I truly enjoyed working with Brenda. It was fun meeting her in person and talking about what I was envisioning for flowers in our wedding as well as hearing and seeing what she had for ideas. I have an appreciation for many different flowers and designs, but she was able to gently rein me in and point us in a good direction. I also appreciated her willingness to use some locally grown flowers and plants, which included: Hydrangeas, Cockscomb, Grape vines, Hen-and-Chicken (succulents) and Zinnias. It sounds like quite a mix, but I think she had all of these working well with the flowers she had shipped in. She's very creative, skilled and professional. I was confident she would do a beautiful job, and she did.

– Dawn

Brenda helped make my wedding day perfect! Everything I dreamed of and always wanted happened! My flowers were gorgeous! She brought great ideas and was very open/sensitive to the things that I liked/wanted. I would highly recommend As You Wish!

– Jess

I really enjoyed working with Brenda. She is very professional and she was able to give us great ideas on things that were out of the box, and yet affordable. I would recommend "As You Wish" to anyone getting married.

-- Elicia